Minibus and coach hiring service St Albans


St Albans is a city that is known for its history and tourism. Situated approximately 19 miles north of Central London, St Albans has a population of over 50,000 residents. St Albans also held significant importance in the Roman Era. Historically known as a market town, St Albans is also famous for its religious history. The town in itself is named after St Albans who was beheaded by Romans for hiding a traitor. The city attracts a lot of tourists because of its history and historical sites.

ALM travel offer attractive packages for travel to St Albans. You can book coaches, minibuses and also cars with chauffer for your visit to St Albans. The city has an early 15th century clock tower, located in the market place of the city. With ALM travel fleet of Mercedes vehicles, consisting of minibuses and coasters, you can be sure to have the utmost luxury minibus and coach hiring service St Albans comfort during your visit to this famous city. During your visit, you should also visit historical churches built in the city. The most famous Church is the St Albans Abbey Church, turned into a cathedral in 1877. It is also the site where it is rumored that St Alban was actually beheaded; hence, it is worth a visit for its spirituality.

You can choose to travel in small groups of 8 or in larger groups of around 30 people. ALM travel fleet offers minibuses with 8 seats, and coasters with up to 30 seats. Sports are a major activity in St Albans. The town has popular cricket club, St Albans Cricket club, and football club, St Albans City F.C. You can acquire the services of our minibuses or coasters for hire if you want to travel with your friends to games of your favorite club. You can hire us for airport pickup from any of the London airports and we can arrange for you to directly travel from airport to St Albans if you prefer. Since our fleet consists of Mercedes vehicles, you can be assured of luxury and comfort. The cars have an excellent interior alongside other accessories, including, air conditioning.

By hiring ALM travel, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pickup from any place you desire (within our coverage area)
  • Well trained staff to facilitate you.
  • No issues with regards to late departure or arrival.
  • Your luxury is our priority
  • Enough luggage space available for heavy suitcases or travelling bags
  • Reliability and tested vehicles

All the above benefits will be at your disposal just by hiring the services of ALM travel while you are travelling to the beautiful city of St Albans. The city has many inns because of its tourism culture and by acquiring ALM travel services, you can be sure that your stay in the city will be a memorable one.