Minibus and coach hiring service in Berkhamsted


The town, Berkhamsted, is known for its rich history. It is situated 26 miles north-west of the city of London. Berkhamsted continues to attract tourists because of its historical places. There are traces of Roman era in the town. Perhaps, the most important part of the town and popular tourist attraction is Berkhamsted Castle. This castle has been graced by many kings, nobles and queens. It still holds great interest for historians and tourists. Another popular building is the St Peter’s Church of Berkhamsted that was built somewhere around 13th century. Being one of the bigger churches in Hertfordshire district, St Peter’s Church continues to attract tourists. Another tourist site is the Ashridge, known for Ashridge house and Ashridge Priory; both places hold their own historic significance and are frequently visited by tourists. Most of the population, of around 20,000, works outside the town.

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Comfortable Minibus and coach hiring service in Berkhamsted

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