Coach and Minibus Hire Service in Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden city is a town located in Hertfordshire. It is a very beautiful town with a number of attractions for both families and couples. It has some exquisite surroundings which enhance the overall beauty of this town. There are beautiful parks and other recreational spots. Stanborough Park is one of the most relaxing spots with activities for all ages. There are many shopping centers for the tourists and they find them simply amazing. Welwyn Garden city has many majestic churches and other architectural buildings. Coronation fountain is another amazing place where people find peace and harmony. All these amazing places can easily be seen by utilizing a coach and minibus hire service in Welwyn Garden city.

Coaches and minibus have long been in use for carrying groups of people. Minibus can easily accommodate up to 15 passengers but a coach has a capacity of more than 15 people. These vehicles are very comfortable for the passengers and they can thoroughly enjoy their ride. These are manufactured and designed according to the standard safety and security measures and are fully safe. Before you book your coach or minibus, you should check the vehicle’s overall running condition. It should be up to date and fully functional. These coaches and minibuses are used for carrying additional luggage of the passengers too.


These coaches and minibuses are ideal for transferring guests for parties. If you have to arrange a party in Welwyn Garden city then it is advisable to book a minibus so that the guests are comfortably taken to the venue on time. If you have arranged a party and are finding it difficult to accommodate the guests then go for minibus hire Welwyn Garden City for parties. The passengers would feel entertained and would fully enjoy the trip to the venue.

Minibus hire Welwyn Garden City for parties is a service that also comes with a chauffeur so that the vehicles are smoothly operated and reach the destination on time. The chauffeur is a qualified person who is best at what he does. He has been hand-picked by car hiring companies and is fully capable of handling the vehicle. He keeps the safety and security of the passengers his first priority. If you have any query, you can directly ask the chauffeur and he would guide you properly.

ALM Travel has been providing car hire services for a very long time and specializes in coaches and minibuses. The coaches and minibuses are executive class vehicles which provide extra comfort along with luxury to its passengers. The vehicles are serviced regularly and cleaned daily. They are fully operational and in excellent running condition. The company provides a chauffeur too who is a professional individual who is hand-picked with high CRB checks. The quality of their service is well known in Welwyn Garden City. If you are looking for a good quality coach and minibus hire service in Welwyn Garden City at a very good price then this is your one stop destination.