Christmas is coming!

It is that time of the year again. Christmas is fast approaching and you need to plan your parties well in time to get the best deals whether it is hotels/clubs/party venues and your travel bookings.

If you are planning your office christmas party, you’ll have to get organized now.

One of the excuses that your colleagues may have for not attending the party is the problem in getting home at the end of the night. Lets remove the excuse and instead of trying to arrange for car shares, catching the last train/bus home, lets hire a minibus or an executive coach for your colleagues. This is the most fun way of getting to the party and enjoying your night to the fullest without any hassle.

ALM can provide you that service you are looking for whether you need it for a small group (8 people) or a large group (30 people). Please get in touch with us on phone (01442 217777) or through our online quotation form to request a quotation. It could be cheaper than you think!

Our Service Includes;

ALM’s fleet consists of all the top class, exclusively built for comfortable travelling Mercedes Benz automotives which are developed and brought on road keeping all the measures of safety, luxury, and rapid travelling in consideration. We not only cover the whole town for transport facility but also our services devised for passengers and travelers in London. We provide all kinds of high class, well facilitated buses, coaches, mini buses and high roof VIP vans all exclusive from our latest Mercedes line up.

What makes us Different?

What makes ALM distinguished is the characteristic fair dealing with the client, providing them a handy booking service all along the town, so that easy and comfortable access to the facility could be made sure for them.  The number of prominent action we made through our details are described shortly here;

1-      Pickup facility from your door step

2-      All trained staff and chauffer facility

3-      Punctuality is our job benchmark

4-      No compromise on your luxury

5-      Wide language space for carrying stuff

6-      Reliable and attested vehicles ready in the fleet

Hire Our Executive Coaches

Hire Executive coaches and mini Buses For long distance and short distance travelling in a large and medium size groups ranging from 20-33, we have all suited best and executive class coaches with full facilitated environment and well designed interior that gives posh and luxury suit to you.

You would be delighted to know about the availability of all the world class postures available in and state of the art technologies used in the making of Mercedes Benz, ensuring all kind of supportive travelling and hands on facility to carry large amount of luggage to the destination you want to you, and here come ALM providing all this on one call and we bring this all to the place you are standing.

Hire Minibuses At Affordable rates

In case you have a small group ranging from 8-14, another delightful deal comes with the availability of latest models of all ranges of Benz minibuses and multi-purpose vans which have the comfortable seating capacity from 8 to 14 persons, along with the carriage option of considerable amount of luggage.

The prime reason of selecting such exclusively made automotives is to ensure the best services with no stuck outcomes and on-way distractions, to avoid any kind of time and source wastage of our dearest customers that utterly establishes your trust upon us. We keenly go for such options and impose what is the best available in the market, providing all these bunches of luxurious traveling in highly economical and feasible rate. Traveling with ALM will always be one of your best experiences.